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Karate School

Sylacauga Karate School is a traditional style of martial arts affiliated with Yoshukai Karate International.

In 1971, Sensei Gene Henderson began teaching Yoshukai Karate at the Sylacauga Parks and Recreation Department. One of his students, Randy Caine, received his black belt and established the Sylacauga Karate School. The Sylacauga Karate School has been teaching this traditional style of karate in Sylacauga since 1971 and now returns to the Sylacauga Parks and Recreation where it began 51 years ago.

The current instructor, Shihan Daren Holland, 6th Dan, began his training in 1981 and brings his 41 years of karate knowledge to his students. He is assisted by many of the dojo's other black belts who themselves have years of experience.

The benefits of training at our dojo are many. Karate training gives you tools and techniques that could probably save your life if the situation arises. Karate prepares you to defend yourself from aggressors by giving you the senses to react quickly and effectively in dangerous or life-threatening situations.

The mental benefits of training in the martial arts are greater self-discipline, increased focus, improved mental toughness, perseverance, greater respect as well as more confidence, patience, and humility.

The fitness benefits include a total body workout that will improve cardiovascular health, coordination and reflexes, muscle tone, strength and power, stamina, flexibility, balance, and mobility. More energy, less stress, and improvements in sleep quality and posture are all benefits of karate training.

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To buy a plaque online, go to "programs", "Veterans' Honor Wall",  and choose the Pinecrest Walking Track Plaque. You may also drop by the J Craig Smith Community Center and we'll be happy to help you.
Besides the memorial, the park is an excellent place to have a picnic, just sit for a spell, or walk laps. 5 laps makes a mile.

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